Submission of Papers

Authors are invited to submit papers by E-mail only to the Journal Administrator.

Papers should not have been previously published or submitted for publication in any other journal. Papers may be full papers, review papers, research student papers or ones describing latest developments. For relevance to IJIGS, see the Scope of Games-Related Topics. Short articles reviewing products, conferences, papers etc and news items are encouraged. Suggestions for Special Issues concentrating on one topic are welcomed.

There are no submission deadlines. Each manuscript will be reviewed and successful manuscripts will be scheduled for publication in the next available slot. It is hoped to achieve a rapid publication and the expected frequency will be 2-3 issues per year. In addition a consolidated CD version will be issued from time-to-time.

Paper Format

Manuscripts should be written only in English. Papers should be submitted preferably in Adobe PDF format but Word format is also acceptable. Formatting of draft papers should preferably follow the final paper format but this is not essential for draft submissions. The final paper should adhere to the IJIGS/ConferenceFormat . When in the final format, short papers should be about 5-6 pages , regular papers 7-10 pages, and extended papers 10-20 pages including figures and references. Contributions exceeding the paper limit are possible but will involve an extra page charge.

A draft paper submitted for possible publication should include: A Title, including names and affiliations of all authors; full contact details for the communicating author, including E-mail address; an abstract not exceeding 200 words; and about 5 Key Words.


Before publication, the communicating author must send a signed Transfer of Copyright Release on behalf of all authors covering the exclusive rights of the IJIGS publishers to reproduce and distribute the paper in printed, web or CD format. Responsibility for the accuracy of all statements in each paper rests solely with the author(s). Statements are not necessarily representative of, nor endorsed by the University of Wolverhampton or SCS. These web pages and associated papers are protected by UK and international copyright laws. The copyright notice appearing on the paper indicates the authors' consent that it may be saved and stored, and may be used for scholarly research, but may not be republished in any form without prior, written permission from the author(s), and advance notification of the editors of IJIGS. However publications are encouraged to publish the abstract or excerpts of 300-500 words provided that credits are given to the author(s) and IJIGS. Citations to articles from IJIGS should include the URL listed at the beginning of the article and the page numbers; for example: J. Bloggs, “Title of article”, International Journal of Intelligent Games & Simulation (IJIGS), 1,1, 2002 , pp 24-27. Exceptions to these requirements must be approved in writing by the editors of IJIGS, who will act in accordance with the regulations and decisions of The University of Wolverhampton.

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