IJIGS invites submissions of high quality papers on all areas of intelligent simulation in games,
including but not limited to the areas listed below.

Computer software/hardware simulation tools:

Games platforms: PCs, PS3, Xbox360, Android, iOS, computer games etc;
Interfaces: joysticks,
Games simulation and design; Games engines
Non player character (NPC) design and simulation Agent communication, blackboard systems

Multimedia Technology and Games:

Animation techniques
Audio and video techniques
Software: Director, Adobe Premier, Flash etc and applications
Compression standards

Game Architecture and Development:

Creative designs
Storyboarding and scripting
Virtual storytelling
Games engines

AI Tools:

Soft computing; Fuzzy logic; Neural networks; Fractals and chaos; Knowledge-based systems; genetic algorithms; Rapid prototyping; Agent-based simulation Cognitive science, believable agents and emotions

Graphics and Virtual Worlds:

Graphics cards, 3D rendering, OpenGL, DirectX, skinning methods, anti-aliasing, MIP mapping etc; Graphical software tools: 3DstudioMax, etc Virtual reality; 3D worlds; VRML; HCI and intelligent interfaces; Augmented reality

Algorithms and Numerical analysis for Games:

Design optimisation techniques
Finite state machines; fuzzy finite state machines
OR Tools: goal seeking, path planning, edge-following, Petri nets etc

Games Genres, History and Applications:

History of Computer Games Design
Game descriptions, short cuts etc
Entertainment applications; Educational games; Serious Games Traditional games: chess, Go etc

Machine Learning:

Natural language processing
Reinforcement learning

Evolutionary Systems and Artifical Life:

Multiagent co-operation and competition A-Life; Flocking algorithms

Internet-based games:

Multiplayer games
Chat rooms
Learning Works Research study Public lectures